Ed Sheeran donates signed guitar to help terminally ill 11-year-old

Must See 06/03/2018

Ed Sheeran has been praised after donating a a signed guitar to a family with a terminally ill daughter, to help them raise money for a legal battle.

Melody Driscoll has the rare and incurable disorder Rett syndrome and first met Sheeran in November 2016.

Sheeran offered the signed guitar to parents, Karina and Nigel Driscoll to help them raise £50,000 for a legal battle with King’s College Hospital over Melody’s pain medication.

The singer keeps in regular contact with Melody, sending her messages, and even performing a private concert for her before a gig at the O2 Arena in London last year.

“They have a really close relationship, Ed sends Melody video messages and he bought her an iPad so she can listen to his music,” Ms Driscoll told The Independent.

“She absolutely loves him, in hospital she is surrounded by him, she has an Ed Sheeran pillow, an Ed Sheeran doll. 

“They share a lovely little bond and he wants to keep her in his life, he has been touched by her.”

Sheeran donated the custom-made guitar, signed with the message: “Play this guitar, lots of love, Ed” 

"It was overwhelming," Ms Driscoll said.

"We have made sure not to ask him for anything, we do not want their relationship to be about that, it is about Ed and Melody.

"For him to reach out and offer to help us raise money to make sure she has the best quality of life we can give her is an absolutely amazing gesture,"

"From the moment he met her he has never treated Melody any differently, that is why we really respect him."

Source: Independent