Cyclone Hola: A new storm is on track for New Zealand

NZ 07/03/2018

Only weeks after Cyclone Gita ravaged the Pacific and parts of New Zealand, another cyclone is on track to head our way.

Weather Watch is warning another cyclone has formed near Vanuatu, and is modelled to hit us on Monday.

Cyclone Hola is moving southwest at 8 knots and is intensifying over sea surface temperatures of 28 to 30degC.

The weather forecasting site says Vanuatu will be struck on Wednesday by heavy rain, damaging winds and rough seas - especially to the west of the nation as Hola deepens.

"As for international modelling for New Zealand, overnight ECMWF (Europe) has placed Hola tracking further west into northern New Zealand or even the Tasman Sea while GFS (America) remains consistent showing the storm will track past East Cape on Monday," Weather Watch says.

"It remains one to watch for New Zealand but for the next few days it will be Vanuatu and New Caledonia most exposed to Cyclone Hola."