Kiwi mum receives royal thank you from Kate Middleton for weight-loss tips

Must See 25/01/2018

A Kiwi mother, who beat depression, has been personally thanked by Kate Middleton for her fitness guide on how to lose weight after giving birth.

A decade ago, mother-of-two Kelly Rennie, originally from Christchurch, was overweight and crippled by daily panic attacks.

But she turned her life around, after getting in shape, and dreamed up a fitness guide for other mothers, which received the royal seal of approval from the Duchess of Cambridge.

"After I had my second child, I unfortunately became a single mum," Ms Rennie says.

"I had a stage of jumping from diet to diet, relying on dieting pills and antidepressants, and suffering from chronic panic attacks."

At her heaviest, she weighed 70kg, but she turned this around by taking up at-home exercise and dropping 20kg.

"I decided, to get [fitter], I had to beat that by myself, so I weened myself off medication, and I decided to get out of that spot and dive into training.

She then created a guide for other mothers, which the Duchess used, after giving birth to Prince George in 2012.

Ms Middleton then sent Ms Rennie a letter, expressing her thanks.

"To get the letter back from Kate showed us the programme could work for any mum," Ms Rennie says.

"It meant so much at the time."