Celine Dion reacts gracefully after drunk fan acts inappropriately on stage with her

Must See 12/01/2018

Footage has emerged of Celine Dion handling a drunk stage invader incredibly gracefully, even as the overzealous fan humped her leg.

The 'Because You Loved Me' singer acted as a mediator between concerned security guards and the excited fan at the Las Vegas concert on January 5.

Dion also made sure the fan knew that her adoration was reciprocated, spending much of their few minutes together expressing her love.

"Look at me, look at me in the eyes - can you see my heart?" Dion asked her.

"I love you, you love me... This is 2018, we're going to make a change."

After the woman wrapped her leg around Dion's and started pelvic thrusting, the singer's mouth dropped open and security stepped in.

But she insisted security let them share the special moment together - but stay by to help as the fan appeared very unsteady on her feet.

After Dion eventually helped guide the fan off-stage, she melodramatically collapsed to the floor as the audience cheered.