Prince Harry breaks Christmas tradition for fiancée Meghan Markle

Must See 06/12/2017

Every family has Christmas traditions, but with the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, traditions are already changing in the royal household.

Meghan will break the long-standing royal tradition by being the first royal fiancée to spend Christmas Day with the royal family.

"Now they are engaged it was unthinkable that they would be apart for Christmas," a friend of Prince Harry's said, according to The Times. "The royal family have fully welcomed Meghan into the fold."

The reason for the change of rules was Prince Harry asking the Queen to make an exception for his new American bride-to-be.

Previous royalty-to-be, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, had separate Christmas celebrations away from their princes while they were in the engagement stage.

Back in 2010, Prince William and Kate Middleton spent time apart during the festive season. While Will was having a black-tie dinner at the palace, Kate was with her family in Berkshire.

While Meghan’s appearance at Christmas dinner will be a new change for the royal family, it’s likely she will struggle with the royal family’s Boxing Day tradition.

Harry's family typically use December 26th to shoot pheasants on their 20,000 acre royal grounds, but as she’s opposed to blood sports, she may wish to skip that tradition out.