Pink mistakenly confuses Robbie Williams for someone else

Must See 06/12/2017

It's an exciting moment hearing if the singer Pink wants to get in contact with you.

At least that's how singer Robbie Willliams felt at first, until an email chain went a bit awry.

The 38-year-old 'Beautiful Trauma' singer confessed she once mistook the ex-Take That star for a local chef who shares the same first name.

While on the Graham Norton show, Robbie Williams explained how the mishap occured.

"We have a mutual friend in LA and they contacted me on email saying that Pink wanted to speak with me. I was very excited to know what she wanted, but there were several emails and I wasn't making head nor tail of them."

"It was only after a while that she finally said: 'Wait, are you Robbie the chef?'. I was shocked, but said no - I'm Robbie: the Williams".

Oh Pink! At least they were happy to laugh about the misunderstanding - though she probably didn't get her salmon questions answered like she originally hoped.