Dancing With The Stars NZ returns in 2018!

DWTS 07/12/2017

Dancing With The Stars New Zealand is returning to THREE in 2018 with hosts Dai Henwood and Sharyn Casey!

The live show involves a range of Kiwi celebrities each competing for a charity of their choice, and the winner is decided by public vote.

Dai Henwood said of his new role: “2018 means that much more to me as I get to co-host the awesome show Dancing with the Stars with Sharyn Casey. We had to host because if we were contestants we would win.”

Sharyn Casey can't wait to spend another year watching our favourite Kiwis out of their element.

“And if the amazing celebrities and epic dancing isn't enough excitement for you - wait till you see which of Dai's 220 bow ties he busts out each week!”