Woman kicked out of Stevie Nicks concert 'for dancing'

Must See 22/11/2017

A woman in Melbourne was kicked out of a Stevie Nicks concert for dancing in her seat.

Jo-Anne George claims she was dragged out of Melbourne's Rod Laver arena half way through the concert, leaving her with bruises and a sore back and said that security made her feel like a criminal.

Other fans at the show have come forward to say the 57-year-old was the one ruining their experience.

“You could hear this woman yelling and being aggressive over the music,” concertgoer Jodi Bradford, who was a few rows away, said.

“When the security came up to her and asked her to go and sit down, she was basically swearing, telling them to f*** off and actually put her palm onto one of the security man’s chests.”

The spokesperson for the venue said they received four official complaints about Ms George.

There seems to be an ongoing debate about whether it is OK to stand up and dance in the seated sections at concerts.

In March, Adele criticised a security guard in Melbourne.

“Can you stop telling people to sit down,” she said.

“This is a music show, if people can’t see then they can stand up.”

Source: The West Australia