P!nk gets interviewed by an adorable little girl

Must See 17/11/2017

We just can't enough of P!nk at the moment, she's just released her latest album, 'Beautiful Trauma' and it's incredible.

She returns to NZ in September next year and we can't wait.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, P!nk faces a slightly different interview than usual - being interviewed by a 5 year old girl named Madelyn Mannette.

Madelyn starts off by asking P!nk things like why her name is P!nk and what her favourite emoji is and then asks what her favourite tattoo is.

P!nk responds by saying she has tattoos everywhere and chooses her tattoo that says 'what goes around comes around'.

"That means if you're really nice to people they'll be nice to you back, that's the hope right."