P!nk and Kelly Clarkson's duet of 'Everybody Hurts' is so good it's giving people chills

Must See 21/11/2017

It's been a tough year all around the world with many tragedies especially in America.

To pay tribute to those affected by the events of 2017, Pink and Kelly Clarkson opened the American Music Awards with an R.E.M cover of ‘Everybody Hurts’.

It's the first time the two incredible musicians have performed together and their performance gave people the chills.

“This year, more than perhaps any other in recent history, we needed the power of music to help us escape the news of the day,” Jamie Foxx introduced. “We needed that power of music to help us heal from hurricanes, wild fires, hate, hatred-fueled violence: 2017 is the year that tested our faith. At these moments of crises, heroes emerge.”

“As this year comes to a close we look forward to 2018 with hope. For, even as we mourn those who were lost, we know this: Together our strength will pull us through. Together we shall overcome the pain. Together we can unite as a people and as a nation.”