Ed Sheeran in search for someone to serenade and eat pizza with

Must See 08/11/2017

Ed Sheeran is offering his fans the chance to join him for a pizza party and the best part is that they'll also be privately serended by him!

How incredible would it be for Ed Sheeran to sing to you?!

The amazing experience is for a great cause to with Ed teaming up with AIDS charity, RED to raise money for mothers and children who suffer from the disease.

To have the chance, fans are asked for small donations of $10 onwards to get in the draw with 5 winners being picked , one from Mexico, South Africa, the UK, the US and one from anywhere in the world (hopefully NZ!).

Ed played a game of 'Love Song Lyric or Pizza review?' to promote the experience.

“We're gonna share two of the most emotional experiences that the world has to offer: a private acoustic performance of a love song... and pizza,” Ed said.

Check it out below.