10 things you didn't know about Meghan Markle

Must See 28/11/2017

Prince Harry has put a ring on it, propelling his now-fiancée Meghan Markle into the spotlight.

The television star is known for her starring role in Suits, but did you know Meghan isn't actually her real name?

Here are some things you may not know:

1. Her ex is making a comedy TV show about losing a wife to a royal

Markle was married to actor and producer Trevor Engleson from 2011 to 2013.

Engleson is now producing a comedy about a man who loses his wife to a prince. It's 'fictional' - but the coincidence cannot be overlooked.

Prince Harry is not the first royal to marry a divorcee. Camilla Parker Bowles, married to Prince Charles, has also been married before.

2. Markle is the first American to marry into the royal family in eight decades

The last American to marry into the British royal family was socialite Wallis Simpson, who married the Duke of Windsor in 1937.

3. Her and fiancée Prince Harry are cousins

Fifteenth cousins, though - so the relation is distant.

Ralph Bowes, who was born in 1480 in Streatlam, County Durham, is the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather to both Harry and Markle.

We'll let that one slide.

4. Before becoming an actress, she worked as a calligrapher

Markle worked as a professional calligrapher for weddings and events.

"I think handwritten notes are a lost art form," she told Good Housekeeping.

5. Markle also worked as a gameshow model

She broke into showbusiness as a briefcase model on well-known gameshow Deal or No Deal.

She featured for only one season in 2006.

6. She has a degree in Communications

Markle graduated from Northwestern University in 2003 with a Communications degree.

7. Meghan is not her real name

Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle - but she goes by her middle name as her stage name.

Ironically, Rachel is also the name of her character in Suits, the TV show which shot her to fame.

8. She wrote to Hillary Clinton at age 11 to complain about sexism

The Telegraph reports Markle wrote to the then-First Lady Hillary Clinton to complain about a soap advertisement which suggested a woman's place was the kitchen,

The manufacturer listened - and changed the ad.

9. Ellen DeGeneres convinced her to adopt a dog

Markle happened to be at a rescue shelter at the same time as DeGeneres, she told Best Health magazine.

Although the pair didn't know each other, the television host told her to "take the dog" - so she adopted her Labrador/Shepherd mix, Bogart.

10. She's best friends with Serena Williams

The pair met at a charity football match, and Markle is now often seen watching the tennis star's grand slam games.

11. She will be expected to take on charity work as a royal duty

She television star is no stranger to charity work, working as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada.

She has also worked as an advocate for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, and was once a counsellor for One Young World.