'McLeod's Daughters' reboot has been cancelled

Must See 07/11/2017

A couple of months ago 'McLeods Daughters' fans got the exciting news that a reboot was in the works but now it is no longer happening.

The creator of the Aussie TV series revealed she has pulled out of talks with a television network who were interested in bringing back the show.

In September, creator Posie Graeme Evans said that she had written a "cracker" new storyline and was talking with Channel Nine about the remake.

At the same time, cast members Michala Banas and Simmone J Mackinnon had tweeted the same message, "watch this space".

Now the ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ creator said that “creative differences” caused her to pull out of discussions.

“Sequels are tricky things - there's so much at stake, so much passion involved in re-creating something we all know and love so much. However, here I am writing this post to you to let you know that our negotiations with the Nine Network in Australia and a third party, introduced to us by Nine - and for whom the Sequel mini-series would have been made, as it turned out - have now concluded because we've pulled out,” she wrote on Facebook.

“We feel that our potential new partners and ourselves turned out to see "McLeods" very differently; and, we were concerned that the tone and substance of the sequel story might alter too much from what people love about the series - and what they expect, too. This was not something we felt we could agree to. And, also, we didn't want to let you down. ”

“So, as of last week, we have respectfully declined to move forward with further negotiations. However we value our decades long relationship with Nine very much and at the beginning, when we first started talked about a reprise of the show, we all agreed that if things did not work out, we'd shake hands and part as friends. And that's where we are today.”

“We’d so much rather that everyone who loves the show remembers "McLeods Daughters" as it was rather than make something that we, and you, in the end, didn't believe in. No one is to blame. It’s just the way life works out sometimes.”