Why Kate Middleton wears a wedding ring but Prince William doesn't

Must See 26/10/2017

The Duchess of Cambridge is a very stylish woman, right down to her beautiful rings, including a 12 carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring and her 18 karat Welsh gold wedding band.

Her husband, Prince William doesn't wear a wedding ring though!

The reason for Prince William not wearing a wedding ring is because of an old British, royal tradition that dictates men shouldn't wear jewlry.

Prince Philip who has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for more than 50 years has never worn a ring, but Prince Charles wore a ring for his wedding to both Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Prince William announced before his wedding that it was his “personal preference” not to do so, The Telegraph reported.

An authority on etiquette, David Miller, director of Debretts, tells The Telegraph, “Wearing a wedding ring used to be uncommon for men but now it is quite accepted practice. That said, it really is a matter of personal choice and members of the Royal Family often chose to wear it with a signet ring on the little finger of their left hand.” 

Source: Refinery29