Graham Norton talks about the 'Royalty Rumour' appearing on his couch

Must See 02/10/2017

Graham Norton jumped on another couch to give his side of the story about drunk guests, his guest wishlist, and about the rumour that the royals were going go appear on his talk show.

The TV host, who will be celebrating the 20th year anniversary of his 'The Graham Norton Show', appeared on another British talk show host 'This Morning' to discuss his legendary TV hosting job.

Talking about his wish list of guests he hasn't seen, he talked about Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt as people who have yet to appear on the couch, when the rumour that the younger royals Kate and Will were once mentioned to make an appearance.

"There was a rumour that they were were coming on the show, and we got very excited in the office," he explained.

However, the excitement was short lived. "We tracked it down and discovered that the person who started that room was me," he laughed, saying he accidentally said it at a book event which got reported.

Actress Carrie Fisher also came up in conversation, as his couch was the last interview she did, two weeks before her fatal heart attack.

"It was extraordinary, because it transpired that it was her final interview. And you know that thing where you’re like ‘OH, if we had known! I wish we’d done a better job’ because you just think oh, she’ll be back in a minute. It was such a shock.

"Because she’s someone who wasn’t in my life all of the time, y’know, she would pop into London or I’d be in America and we’d see each other, it has taken a long time to kind of figure out she has gone."