The $120k Kiwi-made home that could be the future of housing

Must See 11/09/2017

It's a widely held understanding that many millennials will never be able to afford a house - but one woman is trying her best to dismiss that as just a myth, through her tiny home business.

The tiny house concept has been taking the world by storm for the better part of the last decade. The design offers a small, practical space that provides all the features of a home, at a quarter of the size.

In 2016, Gina Stevens designed and built her own tiny house with brother-in-law Jason.

Her whole family helped - and they soon realised there was a huge demand and market for the houses, so they decided to go into business together.

The houses the Stevens' company, Build Tiny, sell mean owning a home doesn't have to be a distant dream for young adults - with their most basic design costing just $60,000.

That's what you can get for an empty shell you fit out yourself, and for double that you can get a house with all the bells and whistles; cabinetry, appliances, the whole shebang.

The entire home fits on a sturdy steel trailer, so you can easily move your house from place-to-place.

Ms Stevens' company offer two types of tiny houses: a 'Boomer' house, and a 'Millennial' house. The latter comes with an office - but otherwise, they are reasonably similar.

Tiny homes come with a freshwater inlet and a grey water outlet which are designed for on-grid living. Their environmentally friendly composting toilets eliminate black water, meaning only grey water requires treatment and disposal.