Kate Middleton gives a big clue on the gender of the royal baby

Must See 29/09/2017

Earlier this month Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed that they were expecting their third child next year.

Commenting on the news, Prince William said that the pair would be celebrating the pregnancy next week, giving royal family fans a clue that Kate was approaching the end of her first trimester.

Now a royal insider has also given us a huge clue about the sex of the new baby, due to Kate’s eating habits.

“Kate has always wanted a third child," the source said.

“She has been trying for another baby for months… she is suffering from nausea and morning sickness again, and she cannot stop eating spicy food and candy.”

According to old wives tales, a craving for citrus fruits often leads to the mother giving birth to a girl.

But a craving for spicy food often suggests that the newborn will be a boy.

So going by this people are thinking that Kate might be expecting another boy.

Source: Daily Star