16 strange rules for being part of the Royal Family

Must See 26/09/2017

It's no secret that being part of the Royal family is incredible but it also comes with a few challenges and rules to follow.

Now that Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend, Meghan Markle are becoming more serious a few rules of being part of the Royal family have come out and most of them are pretty strange.

  1. You can't accept food or drinks unless it's at an official function.
  2. When the Queen stands, you have to stand and when she sits, you sit.
  3. You can't be active in politics  - the Royal family are technically allowed to vote but they choose not too as it is considered uncostitution.
  4. Six ravens must live at the Tower of London at all times.
  5. Two heirs cannot travel together - this was a rule for many years but since Princess Diana insisted that the children came with them on trips, the rule seems to be forgotten now.
  6. When you adopt a royal title, you can’t be referred to as anything else. Even though people still Kate Middleton by her name in casual conversation she can't be addressed in that way in a formal setting.
  7. You shouldn’t expect to see a lot of shellfish. In the past the Royal Family was discouraged from eating shellfish out of concern for food illness.
  8. You’re not allowed to play Monopoly. Prince Charles’s younger brother, Prince Andrew Duke of York, banned Monopoly in the Royal Family because it reportedly became “too vicious”.
  9. You have to accept every gift graciously. No matter what the gift is, royals are expected not to say no to it.
  10. It’s up to the Queen who gets to keep what gift, though. Anything given to any member of the Royal Family actually belongs to the reigning monarch—Queen Elizabeth II.
  11. Your clothes can’t send ambiguous statements. Fashion is a huge part of being a royal, you’re expected to showcase an elegant and modest look.
  12. You’re not allowed to avoid public observation. You will always be in clear sight of the people of your country, the press, and anyone in the world who chooses to watch you. 
  13. There’s a strict order in which to sit, stand and walk. Royals have to move in order of ranking. Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning monarch, always goes first, followed by Phillip. Next come Charles and Camilla. And then it’s William and Kate. Harry follows behind them.
  14. You’re not allowed to sign autographs. Anything other than official papers authorized by the Queen to prevent signatures being forged.
  15. You may not work for money. You are, however, allowed to make official activities and charitable causes, and support other royals on official missions.
  16. You’re not allowed to express your thoughts on controversial issues.This includes political, social, and sexual preferences.

Source: Woman's World