Princess Diana's bodyguard reveals what she was really like

Must See 23/08/2017

Ken Wharfe was hired to work as Prince William's protection officer in 1986.

He spoke to Now to Love saying it was “quite a nervous prospect meeting the Princess [and her sons].”

He was escorted into the White Room where he met Princess Diana, Prince William, who was five at the time, and a three-year-old Prince Harry.

“William was attempting to play a piano and Harry was stood on a small coffee table, de-stemming a vase of lilies. And the first thing Diana said to me was, ‘I don’t envy you looking after my two sons! They can be a ruddy nuisance!’”

“William turned around and said, ‘We’re not a ruddy nuisance!' In what I refer to as that Just William Way,” Ken said.

“At which point Harry fell off his table and Diana said, ‘Come here, both of you!’ And they ran off and I hadn’t said a word! I thought to myself, this is a pretty good start. If it’s going to be like this, it will certainly be fun. And it was!”

In 1987 Ken was transferred to become Princess Diana's bodyguard.

“She would write on a handwritten note the week’s instructions so one knew exactly what we were doing. She was very forthcoming in involving me with what she was doing, that enabled me to put in place the very best protection for her."

“In all the years that I worked for her, I can very confidently say that never once the security compromised. Simply because of her involvement, she acknowledged that everyone in the palace was an important part to the success of the work that she was doing. There were no barriers; everybody became part of this Diana magic,” he adds.

“She was very generous, if it was your birthday you always received a card and a generous gift. That was Diana!”

“She was very up on current affairs and liked to know what was going on in the world. Behind closed doors, she was as you would see her publicly.”

“Her character and sense of humour was very lively. How at times she maintained that given the difficulties of her own relationship, I don’t know, but she did!”

Source: Now to Love NZ