Brendan O'Carroll forced to rewrite Christmas special after Rory Cowan's exit

Must See 16/08/2017

Brendan O'Carroll is currently rewriting the Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special after Rory Cowan's sudden departure last month.

Brendan's daughter Fiona said she's still in the dark about who will replace Rory in the hit show, after he spent 26 years with them.

"We have lost a member of the cast but he'll always be family as he's with us for so long," she said.

"I've no idea what's going to happen but I know dad's in Florida off writing at the moment so who knows what he's going to come up with? He's had to rewrite the Christmas specials so we don't know what he's going to come up with.

"I'm sure we can expect lot of twists and turns."

She said she was unsure if Rory will take part in another project with the team as it all depended on his schedule.

"He's got his own things going on, so I honestly don't know," Fiona added.