Sylvester Stallone honours Arnold Schwarzenegger on his 70th birthday

Must See 31/07/2017

On his 70th birthday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was honoured by former action movie rival Sylvester Stallone in a heartfelt speech that has been shared online.

The Commando star, who was also a bodybuilding champion and the governor of California as well as an action movie legend, was born on July 30, 1947.

Schwarzenegger celebrated the occasion with a Hawaii-themed party and was joined by other stars including James Cameron and Tom Arnold.

"You don't quit, you don't quit, and you still don't quit. It's boundless energy," Stallone told Schwarzenegger in a speech posted on his Instagram page.

"But, you've been a fantastic enemy and a better friend... That's all I can say bro. Congratulations."

A day earlier, the Rambo star posted a tribute to Instagram of the pair in their '80s heyday.

Although they were Hollywood rivals, later in their careers Schwarzenegger and Stallone became friends.

They've starred together in three Expendables movies along with Escape Plan.