Kate Middleton joked Prince William 'would be out the door' if she got pregnant again

Must See 28/07/2017

It sounds like a third royal baby for Kate and Will is off the cards.

Kate recently joked about having more babies during their trip to Germany and Poland when she was given a gift for a newborn baby.

She also said recently that Prince William is not keen on the idea of more children.

When I spoke to Kate at a reception about 18 months ago, she jokingly said, 'If I got pregnant again now, I think William would be out the door!'" royal author Phil Dampier tells Life & Style. 

An insider said William admitted he is quite happy with one boy and one girl but Kate could be interested in one more.

"Coming from a family of three herself," would definitely like another child. But the prince "feels they have enough on their plate already," The insider said.

Source: Life and Style