Couple transform delivery van into cosy travelling home

travel 24/07/2017

An Australian couple have given an old postal delivery van a new purpose as a cosy apartment on wheels, so they can embark on travelling the country.

Documenting their redesign on their Instagram account, We Who Roam, Bec and Gary took their bright red sprinter van and insulated it, cladded the ceiling, and built a bed frame, kitchen cupboards and a worktop.

Their little moveable home also has solar panels, lighting, and a television.

Their fix-up project has only cost them $6,000 on the refurbishment, and neither Bec or Gary had carpentry or building experience when they started.

"We've always loved travelling and spent most of our free weekends and time off exploring, always wishing we could do it more," they said to Daily Mail.

"We'd followed other people living in vans on social media and fell in love with the idea of seeing a new place each week, of trying something a little different."

"Most people can't believe how big the van is, inside and out. They get so surprised when they see the interior, how light and clean it all looks."

"We want to show what we did and how did it, hopefully we'll inspire others to do something similar. We're currently working on a website where we will list in depth articles about how we've built the van and how we find living in the road."

The couple plan to take their van on its first proper trip to Tasmania.