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Two previously unheard Prince songs have been released from the late artist’s fabled vault

Two previously unheard Prince songs have been released from the late artist’s fabled vault

Fans are loving one track in particular.

Unreleased Prince music can finally grace the public’s ears as the late artist’s estate has released two songs. 

‘All A Share Together Now’ and ‘7 (E Flat Version)’ are the two new tracks, the former being originally recorded in 2006 and the latter being a previously unheard version of Prince’s 1992 track ‘7’. 

Both songs were played to fans of the ‘Purple Rain’ hitmaker at the Paisley Park Celebration last month. Paisley Park is an annual event held by Prince’s estate that honours the memory of the cultural icon. 

On the artist’s Instagram, the estate provides more context behind the release of both songs. 

“‘All A Share Together Now’ was an unreleased song recorded on September 4th, 2006 and previewed last month at Paisley Park’s Celebration 2023,” a post reads. “Attendees were gifted this track and another unreleased remix track ‘7 (E Flat Version)’ by Prince on special cassette-shaped USB keys.”

“As promised, the two Vault releases are now available to all Prince 'fams' worldwide for the first time.”

Reactions to ‘All A Share Together Now’ have been positive, making people nostalgic for the Minnesota musician. 

“This would’ve been great on ‘The Rainbow Children’ album,” wrote one person in the comments of the song’s YouTube video. “More please.”

“This song makes me feel like he is still alive,” said another. “I miss him every day! Bring him back.”

“This is amazing,” a third added. “His music never let me down.”

Reactions to ‘7 (E Flat Version)’ are also positive, with some saying it’s even better than the original. 

“This version is WAY funkier,” one person wrote. “E Flat is the funk key - love it!”

“This is different,” another added. “I like it”. 

Even seven years after his untimely death, it’s good to see Prince is still having an impact on his fans.