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Robert Scott chats with The Exponents
Jordan Luck and Dave Gent from The Exponent joins Robert Scott
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The Exponents share their honest first impression of each other to Robert Scott

"And I thought, "Is this really the band?"
4 April 2023 1:30PM

The legendary Jordan, Brian, Dave and Michael are getting back together!

Dance Exponents are reforming for their first shows in 36 years, playing all their hits from all three albums across New Zealand this month! 

The Exponents' Jordan Luck and Dave Gent joined Robert Scott on the show to chat about everything including their real first impressions of one another.

When Robert asked them about their first impressions of each other, Dave joked, " Don't ask Robert!"

"So there are some yokels from Timaru," Dave added.

Jordan said, "That's what they thought. We thought they were great smoky Christchurch fellas".

Before they formed a band together then Dance Exponents now The Exponents, Jordan Luck and guitarist Brian Jones had recently disbanded their first group called 'Basement'. They then relocated from Timaru to Christchurch with their ex- Splash friend, Steve 'Fingers' Cowan.

They met Dave Gent and Michael 'Harry' Harralambi' from a punk band called Channel 4, when searching for a drummer in Christchurch. And they ended up forming 'Dance Exponents'. 

Dave recalled meeting Jordan, Brian, and Steve for the very first time. 

"I do remember seeing them. I think we pulled up outside the house the first time I met them" Dave said. 

"They were sitting on a bus bench outside on Wooden Road with a flag and a beer, watching cars go past. And I thought, "Is this really the band?".

Dave, Jordan and Robert Scott reminisced about the iconic lunchtime concerts where students got to pay $0.20 to see the Dance Exponents play at school. 

"We did it everywhere" Dave recalled.

"About 20 schools" Jordan added.

"The boys schools were crazy, like grammar and kings were like nuts," Dave added.