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'He Sounded Just Like Cher': Adam Lambert sings nursery rhyme as Cher and stuns everyone

'He Sounded Just Like Cher': Adam Lambert sings nursery rhyme as Cher and stuns everyone

He can literally sing anything, and it would still be phenomenal!

Adam Lambert's voice - he can literally sing anything and it would still sound AMAZING. 

He certainly proved this point when doing the 'Wheel of Musical Impressions' segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

So the concept of this segment is that the wheel provides a name of the song and an artist, and the guests need to sing the song as the artist would have - basically impersonation but the song edition.

The song that Adam got was a nursery rhyme called 'The Muffin Man' and the artist he got was Cher.

“Do you have a Cher in you?” Fallon asked to which Adam dramatically flipped his hair and made a quick Cher imitation, showing that he does. 

Adam's spot-on impression of Cher and just making this weird combination sound so good has been dropping many jaws. 

"How did you do that? How do you make that good?" Jimmy asked Adam right after he performed. 

Fans were quick to compliment Adam's singing. 

"WOW...that was awesome...he can literally do anything!!" one wrote.

"Damn, Adam is so spot on singing as Cher!! Just perfect timing and amazing  he sounded just like Cher!" another wrote.

Back in 2018, the singer paid tribute to the iconic Cher by performing his rendition of 'Believe' at the 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honours. 

Cher went on Twitter to appreciate and share how she felt after watching the unexpected tribute.

"Tried 2 write Feelings About Adam Lambert Singing Believe In Words,but Cant seem 2. When Your senses are Overwhelmed All Can you feel with your" Cher wrote on Twitter.

To which Adam replied, "It was a total honor Cher!!! You're a goddess!"