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Rod Stewart family guy
Sarah chats with Rod Stewart
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Why Sir Rod Stewart thinks his Sunday looks like everyone else's

One thing for sure is that there's a lot of football and family time!

Sir Rod Stewart is coming to New Zealand next month for three shows in Auckland, Hawke's Bay, and Dunedin!

Talking to Sarah, Sir Rod shared what his typical Sunday looks like!

When it comes to football, it runs within the Stewart family. Sir Rod's dad was also an amateur football player and managed some local teams.  Rod himself was a talented footballer, he was in fact planning to become a professional footballer. 

His kids are also footballers too. So his Sunday mornings are usually spent on football fields watching his sons play. The youngest Aiden (12) in the morning, followed by Alistair (17). 

"Well, usually the morning is football. Both my boys play - all my boys play football.  But I go watch Aiden's team, the youngest in the morning. I watch Alistair about lunchtime."

And there's more football...

"Then we all get around the television and watch the Glasgow Celtic (Scottish football club) and then we might all go down to a pub together or have lunch like everybody else".

"Except I have candelabras maybe" he adds as he laughs.

To which Sarah added, " and a Chef?"

Laughingly, he agreed. 

Sarah got to chat with his chef Jonathan mid-interview, who revealed Rod's favourite or the meal that cheers him up!

It's liver, bacon and black sausage/pudding!

It's a no-brainer that Sir Rod's a family guy and for him, it has always been and it always will be family first. 

He opened up about how he had lost two of his brothers in the same very month. 

"I love my immediate family. I've only got one of them left now, but I just lost two of my brothers in the space of two months, which was very sad," Rod Stewart told Sarah.

He also talked about how he keeps in touch with his family via a group chat. However, he seemed to struggle to remember the name and he asked his wife Penny Lancaster. 

"What's it called?" Rod asked Penny. 

 "What's App" Penny replied. 

We love how Penny was just nearby, ready to help whenever Rod Stewart just in case.

"She's a prompter," Rod said.

Watch the interview above. 

Sir Rod will be doing a show in Hawke's Bay on Saturday, April 8, Dunedin on Wednesday, April 5 and just announced in Auckland on April 9. 

The iconic Cyndi Lauper will also be joining Rod Stewart as the tour's special guest.