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'I had to pull over': Dolly Parton on first time listening to Whitney Houston sing her hit song

'I had to pull over': Dolly Parton on first time listening to Whitney Houston sing her hit song

The perfect theme song for The Bodyguard!
2 December 2022 4:15PM

Curious to know what Dolly's reaction was the first time listening to Whitney's cover of her song, Kelly Clarkson asked:

"One of your biggest hits was I Will Always Love You. You did write that. Do you remember the first time you heard Whitney's version?

"Cause I grew up listening to yours and suddenly The Bodyguard happened" Kelly added.

Apparently, during the making of the movie The Bodyguard, the team had chosen a different theme song. However, someone else "came out with that very song right when they were about to put the movie out". So that meant that they had to find another suitable theme song. 

Kevin Costner, the main actor in the movie, and his secretary recommended Dolly's song to the filmmakers saying it's "a country song but it's a beautiful song".

Dolly said "yes" when they approached her to use her hit song "I Will Always Love You".

Talking about when she first heard Whitney's version, she mentioned that she had no idea if they had used it, or not. She just gave them the green light but heard nothing else after that. 

One day when driving from her office to her house,  the singer heard the song on the radio for the very first time. 

"And I just heard this, If I should stay, you know the - It's one of those things it's like a dog hearing a whistle" Dolly reminisced.

"I go - what is that?" 

She suddenly realized it was her song, it was a complete surprise to her since she had no clue what was happening. 

"And so when it went into And I . And it's like I just freaked out. I had to pull over to the side because I honestly thought I was gonna wreck. It was the most overwhelming feeling. And you know how great that was" Dolly told Kelly. 

Dolly then told Kelly how her cover of the song at the Academy of Country Music would have made Whitney so proud of her.

"Cause I felt like she was watching you. You absolutely killed it" Dolly Parton said.

The singer also further said how Kelly's cover made her feel really emotional and how her performance was incredible. 

And then they perform a beautiful impromptu duet of the song!