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Billy Joel wows Kiwis in sold out one-night-only New Zealand show

Billy Joel wows Kiwis in sold out one-night-only New Zealand show

35,000 fans gathered together to see the legendary Billy Joel.
5 December 2022 5:22PM

‘Piano Man’ Billy Joel hasn’t been in New Zealand since his last show in 2008, which he said was “good news and bad news”.

“Good evening New Zealand. Long time no see,” he told the crowd.

“The bad news is I haven’t recorded anything since 1993, so basically you're gonna hear the same s**t you wanted to hear the last time,” he joked honestly to the crowd.

“The good news is I haven’t recorded anything new since 1993, so basically you’re gonna hear the same s**t you heard last time.”

The news didn’t bother the Kiwis who stood out in the cold wind and rain, already standing up and having a good boogie to ‘My Life’.

Billy Joel also brought up his two young daughters, Della and Remy onto the stage. They sat near his feat, beside the piano, and watched their dad and crowd in awe. 

Billy Joel Concert 2022
Billy Joel's daughters joined him onstage.
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We don't know about his other crowds, but Billy Joel was really impressed by our singing. 

"Sometimes you get an audience, they’re way out of key,” he joked before breaking back into a badly-sung chorus of the last song to prove a point." Billy Joel said to the crowd.

“You guys are pretty good,” he added, 

“Just stay in key, OK.”

And of course, no night at Billy Joel would be complete without a performance of ‘Piano Man’ that the entire stadium of 35,000 fans held up their torches and passionately sang along to.

Billy Joel Concert 2022
The crowd passionately sings 'Piano Man' with Billy.
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It was just incredible to hear everyone at the stadium sing the lines with Billy Joel. 

For Encore, Billy Joel did not just have one song, but he had 5! 

Some of the people may have been sitting down during the show, but after Encore started, almost everyone got up and had the time of their lives dancing and singing with Billy Joel. 

Starting off with the iconic We didn't Start The Fire, followed by more iconic ones Uptown Girl, It's Still Rock and Roll to Me,  Big Shot and lastly, You May Be Right.

Here's the entire setlist from the night:

1. A Matter of Trust

2. My life

3. The Entertainer

4. Vienna

5. An Innocent Man

6. Zanzibar

7. Just the Way You Are

8. Movin' Out

9. She's Always a Woman

10. Pressure

11. Allentown

12. She's Always a Woman

13. I Go To Extremes

14. All for Leyna

15. Sometimes A Fantasy

16. The Downeaster Alexa

17. Only The Good Die Young

18. The Rive of Dreams

19. Nessun dorma

20. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

21. Piano Man


22. We Didn't Start The Fire

23. Uptown Girl

24. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

25. Big Shot

26. You May Be Right

Check out some of the photos from the incredible night!