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Lewis Capaldi's hilarious videos promoting his upcoming single 'Pointless'

Lewis Capaldi's hilarious videos promoting his upcoming single 'Pointless'

Pointless releases this Friday December 2!

On November 26, Lewis Capaldi made an announcement of his new song "Pointless".

Lewis' marketing team must be working hard, but he sure is working harder.

His recent promotion videos say it all!

The song has been co-written by Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran. 

Uploading a snippet of the song, he created a hilarious video of him with a cutout of his collaborator Ed Sheeran.

From bringing coffee to Ed Sheeran to taking him to fancy places, it's all in that short clip. 

Ed Sheeran responded to the video and supported him on his promotion saying, " Love this @lewiscapaldi Pointless out this Friday"    

In another video, he is out and about on the streets of London, handing out flyers to promote his song "Pointless".

"Handed out some flyers to promote my new single because nobody else will," Lewis Capaldi wrote in the video. 

Giving away a flyer to a person, he asked, " Excuse me, pal, can I give you this flyer?"

The person who has no idea about Lewis Capaldi replied, "What for?"

To which he replies, "it's just me, I'm pointless" - great promotion Lewis! 

The confused stranger says "oh" as he takes it and walks away. 

But in all seriousness, he also shared an acapella version of his song and that got us goosebumps.

We really can't wait to listen to the full song. 

So yes, Lewis Capaldi is releasing his new single "Pointless" this Friday, December 2. Do mark your calendars!