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Jimmy Barnes reveals why his Christmas album is named 'Blue Christmas'

Jimmy Barnes reveals why his Christmas album is named 'Blue Christmas'

Jimmy is releasing his first-ever Christmas album this summer!
21 November 2022 3:32PM

Jimmy Barnes is releasing his first-ever Christmas album named "Blue Christmas" this summer. 

We all know when it comes to the colour of Christmas it's red, green, and gold, and there's also a movie called "White Christmas".

So why "Blue Christmas?"

When Robert and Jeanette from our Breeze Auckland team asked Jimmy, he revealed that it was a nod to summer, and how we spend our Christmas here - under the blue sky and at the beach. 

"Living in Europe for a while, we've spent a lot of time having White Christmasses," Jimmy said. 

"You guys are the same here. You don't get White Christmasses down here" Jimmy told Robert & Jeanette. 

"More often than not you're by the beach or somewhere by the blue sky"

"It's a bit of a nod to Summer, the way we spend Christmas".

Before announcing his album, Jimmy hinted at his "Blue Christmas" album by sharing a photo of him standing in front of a car carrying a Christmas tree, at the beach and the blue bright sky in the background - a classic Christmas for Kiwis and Aussies. 

A perfect photo to depict our Christmas, our "Blue Christmas". 

To know more about his upcoming album or to know when Jimmy put his Christmas tree out, his best Christmas gift, and how he celebrates his Christmas with his family, watch the full interview below.

Jimmy Barnes chats with Robert & Jeanette
Jimmy Barnes joins the show
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Being a big fan of Christmas, he knew he wanted to make a Christmas album. A few weeks back, he talked about the inspiration behind his Christmas album on Instagram.