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Watch how Adele ends her Las Vegas show by 'magically' disappearing in a cloud of confetti

Watch how Adele ends her Las Vegas show by 'magically' disappearing in a cloud of confetti

What can't she do!

Adele has left her fans in awe after ending her Las Vegas show in ‘magical’ and spectacular fashion - disappearing in a cloud of confetti. 

Videos of the confetti explosion went viral on Twitter after the show - it looks SPECTACULAR and happens so quickly!

An Adele fan page @AdeleNowuk shared a closer, slowed-down video of the grand finale to provide a better look and it is so crazy how good and real it looks. 

“That slow motion of @Adele magically disappearing at the end of her show though,” they captioned the post. 

Las Vegas is getting treated to a whole bunch of Adele from now until March of next year. The ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer will perform at the city’s Caesar Palace every weekend until the 25th of March. 

The 34-year-old shared how anxious she was feeling before starting the run of her shows on her Instagram earlier this week. 

“I'm feeling all sorts as I write this,” she started the caption. “I’m highly emotional, incredibly nervous but can’t sit still because I’m so excited. I feel a million miles away from home.”

“I always get scared before shows, and I take it as a good sign because it means I care and means I just want to do a good job. Maybe it’s because I didn’t start when I was supposed to. Maybe it’s because it’s opening night, maybe it’s because Hyde Park went so great, maybe its because I love the show I don’t know,” she continued.

“But it’s safe to say I’ve never been more nervous before a show in my career, but at the same time, I wish today was tomorrow! I can’t wait to see you out there x”

If the end of her show is anything to go by, the Adele Las Vegas experience must be incredible!