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Robbie Williams wife Ayda Williams says her daughter is following her dad's footsteps

Robbie Williams wife Ayda Williams says her daughter is following her dad's footsteps

We agree with Ayda!
19 October 2022 7:10PM

Robbie Williams has kicked off his special XXV tour celebrating 25 years since he started his journey as a solo artist.

Proud wife Ayda Williams and their four children have been there at every step during the latest ongoing tour.

“I will be in tow with four children ready to get up to my own naughtiness and cheekiness,” she told Hello!

The couple's oldest child Teddy, who's a ten-year-old daughter seems to be following in her dad's footsteps and her proud mum is certain about that. 

"I’ll have to hold our [ten-year-old] daughter Teddy back from jumping up on the stage. She’s got a beautiful voice and composes songs on the piano; I can 100 per cent see her following in Daddy’s footsteps… Just the other day she told me: ‘I’m thinking in a few years I should go up on stage with Daddy.’”

It would be amazing to hear some music from the father-daughter duo in the near future!

Ayda shared two videos including one where they warm up their voices together. 

It comes as no surprise, as Robbie has mentioned it quite a time even stating that she's a better singer than him when she was only seven years old. 

“I’m not the most talented singer in my family. My daughter is more talented than me. Teddy is a fantastic singer,” said Robbie, in an interview with Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column.

Robbie did joke that his wife Ayda however can't hit the right note. 

"I am a better singer than Ayda," Robbie said. 

Apparently, Ayda wanted to be part of one of his albums as a guest star but he said no.

“Yeah she wanted to be on it but she didn’t quite make it, next time,” Robbie said. 

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