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Why Dolly Parton's team trick her into wearing fake jewellery

Why Dolly Parton's team trick her into wearing fake jewellery

This will only make you love her more!
10 October 2022 4:42PM

Dolly Parton is a much-loved artist, and the reason why she wears fake jewellery will make you love her even more.

Her music, and her work, have all shown how selfless and wonderful of a person she is and how she loves making others happy. 

Along with being selfless, she sure is humble. This year Dolly Parton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but she refused to get it as she believed that she was not worthy of the honour.

Dolly's longtime creative director Steve Summers revealed W magazine that the singer only wears fake jewellery these days because Dolly is too generous. 

"She used to wear real stuff," Steve told.

"But if someone told Dolly they liked her earrings, she'd take them off and hand them to that person! I'd say, 'Those were real diamonds!' and Dolly would shrug. So now we always go for fakes." he said.

She is known for being generous, and this is just another of the many reasons why all of us love Dolly!

So if you do get a chance to meet Dolly Parton then do tell her how much you like her jewelry. She may hand it over to you and it will be the best memorabilia.