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Adele's Las Vegas tickets are by far the hightest in residency history

That's nearly $750 a minute...
31 October 2022 5:46PM

Adele fans need to be Rolling in the Dough to see her opening Las Vegas Residency show because to grab a front-row ticket you’re going to need around NZD $75,000 - yes that’s for one ticket.

The prime seating at the 'I drink Wine' singer's opening night is no doubt, highly sort after, but no one could’ve guessed that the resale price would cost almost the same as my yearly income… That’s absurd!

Caesars Palace can seat just over 4,000 concertgoers, but even for the cheapest seat in the building, you’re looking at a good NZD $1156 coming out of your pocket.

Resale ticket prices on StubHub have reached a whopping £40,000 (NZD $75,000) making it the priciest residency in history.

Brodie Cooper, from PRrppd PR Firm, told The Sunday People: "Websites would not charge those fees if people were not willing to pay those sums. Without a doubt, Adele's ticket prices are by far the highest ever in the history of the Las Vegas strip."

I’m not sure how many of us could justify spending that much on a 100-minute set, but then again it is the iconic Adele, so I’m sure there will be no trouble filling the seats.

Of course, the high demand also comes from the fact that Adele rescheduled her Las Vegas residency from its original date of the 21st of January to April 16th.

The Grammy award winner pulled out with just 24 hours notice via a teary post on Instagram.

Adele began the clip by saying: "I'm so sorry but my show ain't ready," she shared. "Half my crew, half my team is down with Covid. They still are, and it's been impossible to finish the show. And I can't give you what I have right now, and I'm gutted."

“I'm sorry it's so last minute. We've been awake for over 30 hours now trying to figure it out, and we've run out of time," she said. "And I'm so upset, and I'm really embarrassed”

Finally, the show is ready to go ahead and will be kicking off from November 2022 - March 2023 and we are so excited to see all of the clips that go viral, from those who were actually able to afford a ticket.