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Culture Club performs a beautiful acoustic rendition of their '80s hit

How good would a performance from Culture Club be for your birthday!

In honour of PK, the band's manager's birthday the band got together around the piano to sing an acoustic rendition of their 1982 hit 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me'. PK has managed Culture Club since 2018. 

The video was shared on Twitter with the caption, "An acoustic rendition of 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' on our night off to celebrate PK's birthday!"

Boy George can be seen leading the group as they gather around the piano and singalong to their 1982 hit. 

"C'mon people" Boy George says in the middle of the song, as the camera pans towards the birthday boy who swings his hands up in the air and sings along with the group. 

Fans absolutely loved the slow version of 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me'.

"So beautiful! Love this acoustic version! " one wrote.

"Really cool guys. My birthday is in january. Like to have that too" another fan wrote - same here!

This reggae-influenced single was a very personal song for lead singer Boy George. He admitted that the lyrics he wrote for the song were about his relationship with their former drummer Jon Moss.

Boy George told Q magazine in September of 2008:

"Our first two singles failed. That single was our last chance. But I threatened to leave if (the label) released it. I didn't think it was us; it wasn't club music. It wouldn't stand up to Spandau Ballet," he said. 

Culture Club is currently doing a world tour and they recently performed in New York.

How good would a performance from Culture Club be for your birthday!