Patrick Swayze's widow reveals that he almost didn't get the role of Sam in 'Ghost'

Must See 17/11/2020

It's hard to imagine the film Ghost without the one and only Patrick Swayze in the cast.

He really did bring the character of Sam Wheat to life, and made the chemistry between Demi Moore's character Molly really come to life - so much so that he even won a Golden Globe nomination.

But now Mr. Swayze's widow Liza Niemi has has revealed that he almost didn’t the role and had to fight for it.

Lisa also admitted that he almost didn’t read the script at first. She read it and was very impressed with the story. She said, “Patrick was always terrible about reading scripts. I kept begging him! I said, ‘You have to read this. You’re gonna love it.’ He read it all in one sitting; he came out with tears in his eyes, and said ‘I have to do this movie.'”

However, due to his lack of sensitive film roles, Patrick really had to prove to the casting team that he could play the role and play it well. 

We're so happy that the casting directors took the plunge and took Patrick on in Ghost - it's one of his most iconic roles!