John Travolta stars as Santa in hilarious Christmas ad with Samuel L Jackson

Must See 24/11/2020

The two stars of Pulp Fiction have reunited in a great new Christmas ad for the festive season.

John Travolta stars as Santa Claus, complete with the white hair and long beard and Samuel L Jackson is himself.

On his laptop, Travolta, goes through his Christmas shopping list for gifts to give out to his elves. Before checking out online, longtime credit card spokesperson of Capital One ads, Jackson, pops up on the screen to offer some financial advice.

Jackson shouts, "Hold your reindeer, Santa!" He goes on to tell Santa that Capital One Shopping will help him save some money by automatically applying any available virtual coupons.

Jackson asks, "So, does that get me off your naughty list?"

"Are you off the naughty words?" Santa replies.

"Yes," Jackson says, while shaking his head no at the same time.

Santa responds, "Ho, ho, ho! I don't think so."

Throughout the ad there are plenty of "Pulp Fiction" references fans are sure to pick up on. Santa appears to be sipping a milkshake through a straw, likely a recreation of the "$5 milkshake" moment from the 1994 movie.