Phil Collins reunites with Genesis after 14 years to begin rehearsal for upcoming tour

music news 29/10/2020

Despite Phil Collin's currently going through a rather dramatic divorce with his ex-wife, the iconic singer has reunited with his Genesis bandmates ahead of their first tour in 14 years.

Spectators who were lucky enough to be at the first rehersal noticed how Phil looked at ease, back performing classic songs with his former bandmates.

Genesis was formed at the UK's Charterhouse School in 1967, with Collins joining in 1970.

Their new tour is kicking off in April 2021 and will see them finish big at London's O2 Arena.

Phil Collins won't be behind the drums though, he is strictly sticking to lead vocals and has enlisted his son Nic to take over drumming duties.

The star had surgery to repair dislocated vertebrae in his upper neck, which arose while drumming on that previous 2007 Genesis tour. He subsequently lost feeling in his fingers and was no longer able to hold the drum sticks.

Colins announced in 2014 he had an undisclosed nerve condition and underwent a second operation in 2015.