Olivia Newton-John shares her personal advice to women fighting breast cancer

music news 21/10/2020

For 28 years of Olivia Newton-John's life, she has fought cancer. Three separate times she has had to go through it, first in 1992, secondly in 2013 and then in 2018 she revealed that the disease had returned once more and had metastasized to her spine.

But she has never given up and she has always kept a positive attitude.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Olivia Newton-John opened up about the launch of her new cancer foundation, and shared some great positive personal advice to women fighting breast cancer.

Olivia said: "The inspiration has been a long one because I’ve been on this cancer journey for 28 years. I’m a thriver of three times going through this process." 

"I’ve always thought, 'Gosh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could create kinder therapies that help boost the body’s immune system instead of knocking us down?'"

She has also been open about her use of medicinal cannabis during her cancer treatment with the help of her husband, John Easterling. “I’m very lucky that I have him in my corner, and teaching me about the plants and the herbs,” she says. “He grows cannabis for me and I take tinctures that have helped me greatly.”

What keeps her thriving in achieving gentle cancer therapies is hopefully to be able to live in a world without cancer one day. “That’s everything that drives me forward. To think that we could help people to live in a world where cancer was just something that you treated like diabetes, or asthma, or the flu, or you know, something that you could live well with, which I’m doing. And I hope to continue to do that for a long time.”

She also has a message for women fighting breast cancer. Newton-John urges prioritizing yourself first and to remember:

Your mind is such an important part of your healing.

She continues, "The first time I had breast cancer was in 1992 and I’m still here," she says. 

"The treatments weren’t as good then as they are now, and there’s a lot of information you can get online on how to support yourself and how to think well."