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Elton John reveals he and John Lennon once had a whirlwind romance

Elton John reveals he and John Lennon once had a whirlwind romance

Elton revealed a lot of details of the pair's romance too.

Sir Elton John has revealed that he and Beatles legend John Lennon once shared a whirlwind romance.

Speaking to John's son Sean Lennon, Elton said: "That was the kind of wonderful two or three year whirlwind romance we had and it was such such an important thing in my life, Sean, and it just really helped me. It gave me so much confidence. Your dad was as kind and as generous and sweet and we just hit it off immediately."

Elton said that the pair bothmet in 1973, where they were already both global superstars.

Sean revealed: "My dad, when he first heard your voice he was in America I think already, and he was thinking that's the first new kind of British singing that he really liked and dug. I think he said that he loved your music and the songs and he liked the song, 'Your Song'."

Elton continued: "It was just, for me, it was a dream come true. We laughed so much because we talked about the 50s and 60s and where we grew up, you know, your dad was just a fountain of knowledge. It was a hand in glove thing and I never thought that would ever happen."

Elton also spoke in detail to Sean about when he and John Lennon first met. It was the video shoot for Mind Games.

"I was a little bit, obviously I was in awe, I was meeting any of The Beatles and they all treated me so brilliantly, but your dad had that edge that none of the other Beatles had kind of because he wasn't afraid to say what he thought."

"Your dad was as kind and as generous and sweet and we just hit it off immediately. He was so funny. That's what I loved about him. And we talked about music, we talked about records we loved."

Sean added: "And other things. He did other things I heard."

Elton replied:

"We nearly got into trouble a few times, but we never had a bad word and, and his kindness, you know, I always thought John was the one that could… turn or people say ‘Oh watch out for him, he can turn’, and I think maybe when he was drinking a lot and everything he did, but I never saw that."

Backstage after Elton’s Madison Square Gardens concert, the former Beatles' last-ever live performance, John reunited with Yoko Ono. The couple soon had son Sean together.

Elton added: "After that and then you were born, I really didn't hear or see your dad at all and I didn't mind because you know what, he was so happy being back with your mum, and he was so enchanted having you that it was his life had become another thing and so I didn't really speak to him or see him that much at all or hear from him."

"And I didn't mind because it was just the fact that that night was so consequential in the history of his life. The fact that he got back together with your mum and then they had you."