TV host accidentally talks badly about Rick Astley while Rick is still on the line

music news 24/09/2020

A BBC Breakfast TV weatherman has accidentally seen himself in a pretty awkward situation while talking about Rick Astley. But luckily Rick Astley can take a joke!

BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt decided to ask the weatherman about his musical tastes following the weather forecast.

Looking for a way to promote the upcoming interview with Rick, the host asked the weatherman: "Matt, are you a Rick Astley fan?"

To which he replied: "Erm, not a massive one," as gasps could be heard in the studio.

Charlie joked: "Well, that was the wrong thing to say. He’s listening and he’s coming up in just a moment."

The weatherman quickly apologised: "Oh, sorry!" as the host said: "I’ll ask you again, are you a Rick Astley fan?"

Taking it in his stride the second time around, the weatherman said: "Love Rick Astley. The best. Grew up with him."

The cameras then cut to Rick at home on a video call who was struggling to hold back his laughter.

Watch it above.