Sheryl Crow pens emotional essay on Breast Cancer Screening

music news 16/09/2020

Singer-Songwriter Sheryl Crow has penned a heartfelt essay about Breast Cancer Screening in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

While her essay includes facts that resonate with her home country, the United States, there are many points in her writing that will ring true for Kiwis.

Sheryl is a breast cancer survivor, and revealed that if she didn't catch it early, life could be very different for her.

"My story is a testament that you can go on to live a long, healthy life after diagnosis. As a breast cancer survivor who credits early detection with saving my life, I have made it part of my life’s mission to help educate women about the importance of scheduling their annual mammograms." she wrote in a piece for PEOPLE.

She also shared how it was the annual mammogram that she was going to put off due to living a busy life that caught her breast cancer.

"Over a decade ago, during a particularly busy time in my life, I found myself tempted to delay the very mammogram that altered the course of my life and led to my breast cancer diagnosis. I kept my appointment."

She concluded with a strong but simple message, "Shortly after I was diagnosed, I wrote “Make it Go Away.” The song not only speaks to this challenging moment in my life, but it also resonates with how many, including myself, are feeling about this pandemic. Unfortunately, the reality is that we must continue to live with COVID-19 and adjust our lives to limit the spread of this devastating virus. However, there are some things that must continue to take priority during this time, and our long-term health is one of them. If you are due or overdue for a mammogram, I am making a personal request that you reach out to your local healthcare facility today."

You can read Sheryl Crow's full essay here.