Photographer adds bride's late husband to heartbreaking wedding photos

Must See 24/09/2020

Kristen Todd Photography in the USA is going viral online after Kristen shared moving photos from a wedding she captured recently.

"Yesterday was supposed to be the day Mackenzie and Brody became one. God had other plans." she wrote in a lengthy post.

"On June 21, God decided Brody’s time here on earth was done. What was supposed to be the final month of planning a wedding turned into planning a funeral, a memorial service, and more. Something a bride should never have to go through. But first let me say, Mackenzie has handled all of this with the utmost STRENGTH."

"When Kenz reached out to me about these photos, I was floored. Floored by her strength to want to do these. And when the time came around for photos, I was just completely speechless at her strength and grace to get through this photo shoot. I still am. It was a perfect night of Kenz showing off her dress and remembering Brody surrounded by their immediate families."

"I am continually amazed by her strength and grace. She has proven throughout this situation that she will be okay, but I ask one thing. Please pray for her. And please continue to pray for her as she continues navigating through life without Brody."

You can check out more photos from the heartwrenching photoshoot below...