Giant George Michael mural unveiled in his hometown

music news 21/09/2020

George Michael sadly passed away in 2016, and his death made waves around the world. Now, four years later a mural has been painted in his memory.

The massive nine-metre tall mural was unveiled over the weekend in North London. It's near where George grew up as a teenager.

The piece was commissioned as part of the Brent Biennial, which was set up following Brent being named the London Borough of Culture for 2020.

Fans will recognise the main image in the mural depicting George blow-drying his hair while backstage during a world tour.

The mural was quickly shunned by fans, with many mentioning they weren't a fan of 'modern art' and expected a direct replica of George, rather than an exaggerated piece.

"Not a fan of this piece of "modern art" sorry... it dont look nothing like him, whats the monopoly thing all about?? I dont like the helicopter either... There's nothing on it to with his all his charity work or kindness that he did. The homeless the children's charity, Aids, his music its just diabolical. I'm so glad i didnt take a day off to go see the unveiling I would have cried.. "

"First, I think our expectations were extremely high so we can only be disappointed. Overall I think it is terrible because George had different lives and the Wham! period is a small portion of them. I like the shadow of George from the CW video but hate the eyes and the scenario showing him drying his hair ... God it does not give justice to his legacy."

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