Elton John reunites with Taron Egerton over lunch in his garden

music news 11/09/2020

The two Rocketmen have reunited over a glorious lunch.

Sir Elton John shared a sweet photo on Instagram standing next to Taron Egerton, who played him in the 2019 biopic Rocketman.

The pair dined in Elton's sprawling garden. They hadn't seen each other since the Golden Globes in just over 9 months.

"Lunch in the garden with this lovely man," Elton wrote on his Instagram caption. "We haven't seen each other since the Golden Globes. Love him so much ❤️🚀."

Last time the pair were together, Taron Egerton took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor thanks to his epic portrayal of Elton in Rocketman.