Viral video of twins sends Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight' back to the top of the charts

music news 12/08/2020

Phil Collins is back climbing up the music charts with his well-known hit song 'In The Air Tonight'.

The captivating song has once again hit the chart, sitting at No. 3 on iTunes' songs sales chart. It's the fourth-bestselling track on the platform for the whole of last week.

The success of the rediscovered track is credited to twins Tim and Fred Williams who recorded themselves listening to Collins' song for the first time and uploaded it to YouTube.

You can watch the video below.

The clip was part of a series where the Williams brothers give their instant reactions to music ranging from Dolly Parton to Bruce Springsteen and Sam Cooke. The video went viral with over 4 million views.

In the video, the twins shared a "freaked out" moment during the famous drum pattern that comes late in the song. They stopped the song for a moment to say, "That was cold." They noted they have never heard a song where it took three minutes to drop a beat.

Collins once said that he played 'In The Air Tonight' for Eric Clapton and his band, who had a similar reaction.

He said, "When the drums came in, everybody said, 'Fucking hell! What the fuck is that?'" Collins said. "Nobody had ever heard anything like that. Frankly, drums were never that loud. But it was my album, and it worked. We were playing with psychological things. The audience is there going along with you, and then suddenly you knock them on the head with this thing: Bvoom-bvoom!"