Stevie Nicks advises aspiring musicians to start putting money away for rehab

music news 11/08/2020

Stevie Nicks has put out a stern warning to aspiring musicians to start putting money away for battling future addictions during an interview with BBC Radio.

The rock legend revealed that upcoming musicians would need to put away around $30,000 USD for recovery if they ever go off the rails after making it big.

Stevie herself endured some drug-fueled days during parties and performances in the late '70s.

She personally believes that it’s impossible to stop musicians from spiraling into a drug issue.

"I wouldn't advise anybody to get into it because if you do, I tell everybody open a savings account and start saving money for your rehab bill because it's going to cost 30,000 bucks to go and get off these drugs so just don't start." Stevie said during the interview.

Stevie has been very open about her drug abuse over the years, even revealing that her dependency on cocaine left her with a hole in her nose.

"I don’t think you can tell a drug addict what to do. I think a drug addict has to wake up one morning and say: 'I'm a drug addict and I’m ­dying and I’m not going to do it any more.' Or: 'Take me to the hospital,'" she continued.

"I don't think there was ­anybody in the world that could have told Fleetwood Mac or any of the rest of the bands because it was not just us, it was everybody. And it wasn’t just us bands either - it was housewives and lawyers and music industry people and everybody. It was not a good time." she said while still speaking on the issue of drugs.