Ronan Keating reveals 'heartbreak' that his kids are growing up not knowing his mum

music news 27/08/2020

If you're lucky enough to still have a mum in your life, be grateful! It's something that many people can't have anymore.

One of those people being Ronan Keating, who has recently revealed just how "heartbreaking" it is that his kids are growing up without a relationship with his mother.

Ronan's mum passed away from breast cancer in 1998, and following her death the Marie Keating Foundation was set up to raise funds for those also suffering breast cancer.

Ronan revealed the "thing that's hardest" is that his mum never had the chance to meet his five children."

He said: "My mam was very important to me and your mam's always the one to put her arms around and tell you everything is going to be alright and it's hard when all of a sudden thats gone."

"I look at my five incredible kids and [think] my mam never got to meet them and hold them in her arms and for the kids to have a relationship with her."

"It's very very difficult. It's heartbreaking."

He said: "It's very important to keep the memory alive. We're very lucky today that we have videos and photographs and all of these sort of things that we didn't have way back when."

"I don't have as much stuff of my mum that I wish we had to show the kids."