Pink embraces her 'thunder thighs' and inspires others with her body positive message

music news 20/08/2020

You can always trust P!nk to give you your daily dose of self-love if you're ever feeling a bit down about yourself.

P!nk has always been about empowering women to love themselves and be theirselves, and her recent Instagram post is inspiring those of us around the world with thighs that are bigger than what we see in the magazines or on the catwalk.

"I always wondered why God gave me thunder thighs. It’s cause he knew I’d use them" P!nk captioned an Instagram post of her carving up some wakes on her wakeboard.

The body positive post saw many people flood the comments with praise and admiration for the pop star.

"Beautiful strong legs so you can tuuuuuuuuuurrrrn up! 🔥🔥" said one commenter.

"Thunder thighs???? God gave u a bad a** body. A bad a** voice and a bad a** a**.... embrace every inch of you heart and soul 💓 x" said another.

"You do not have thunder thighs at all.....strong legs....strong body 💕" said a third.